Planning the construction or modification of a new home or an existing building always involves a large number of positive and negative factors that must be identified precisely and concisely before laying the famous first stone.

The chances of success for the realization of your project increase immeasurably when you decide to rely on serious and recommendable professionals. In fact, every year there are thousands of cases of homeowners or landowners experiencing delays in construction or expansion due to unregulated practices, incorrect technical advice, and planning issues that will negatively impact their estimated budget.

You can save money, time, and get the best results
through our first-class creative design services and planning strategies.

ADS architects has built a solid reputation over the years by providing high-quality design, using appropriate materials to fit the design and the local architecture. Providing high-quality tailored services is what allows us to build-up excellent working relationships with our clients and contractors. We take pride in our work and we check our workmanship frequently during every single project development so that we always meet our own high standards. Our practice offers comprehensive architectural services, we guide our clients through each step of the building process, from the start to the delivery of their projects, ensuring to make the process smooth, positive and enjoyable.

During this initial phase, a study is conducted to understand the feasibility of your ideas and expectations by exploring different development strategies. The study attempts to answer the big questions early in the decision-making process. We take into consideration any possible site limitations, providing you with a range of solutions that could work efficiently for your project.

Due to our long-term experience working with Local Planning Authorities, we are confident that we are able to deal with applications of varying grades and complexity. Our approach is always pivotal of our clients’ needs and we are always open to discuss options with the LPA in order to find the best solutions suitable for our clients as their needs and aspirations are our priority.

As architects, we can assist you further by providing a detailed construction drawing package including specification of materials to comply with Building Regulations. This has two advantages: the contractor will need to follow these specifications which will be approved by the building control and will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for your project.

Designing a new development is always a compelling challenge for us. Thanks to our long-term experience and our connections with other professional consultants we can find the best solutions suitable for the development of your project, inspiring you with our first-class design services, advising you carefully on the construction materials, and costs, therefore fully unleashing the potential of your site.

This is the most delicate phase of the project because it involves a lot of stress and costs. We can help with a service tailored to your needs. This can include helping you to find the right contractor, set-up contracts, carefully supervise all the development phases, oversee costs to ensure that the work is always economical and in line with your budget to completion.

Planning a conversion of an existing building or designing a new build is never an easy job. Given our experience in various developments including working on listed buildings, ADS Architects is able to take care of your project at any level of complexity providing a bespoke service to enhance the value of your property and proposing unique solutions.

The requirement of legal plans is a fundamental part of the property trading process, for this reason, we are happy to take care of this aspect for you. We know that timing is key during this process and this is why we work closely with solicitors to provide all the information and details necessary during this process making sure that everything is completed successfully and in time.

The services of issuing an Architect’s Certificate or a Professional Consultant’s Certificate can be provided by us by carrying out regular site inspections. This is equal to NHBC or similar insurance body accepted by lenders. This will guarantee that your property complies with Building Regulations. Inspections  are usually once every two weeks or more often depending on the type of project.






Advantages of choosing ADS Architects include but are not limited to:

We are a chartered practice. This means you will have experienced architects with the necessary skills to successfully complete your project.
You will work with professionals which are keen on finding the best solution for you and are on hand to respond to all your queries.
You will always have a clear idea of the cost of your design as we can monitor each phase of your project making sure it is within the budget.

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